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About Us

SS Fantasy

Founder: Satish

Established: 2017


Meet Satish: Founder of SS Fantasy

Being raised in a family of strictly accountants and finance managers, Satish's interest in graphics and technology was not recognised as a reliable career choice. However he was never interested in the "cubical office life", so he went against his family tradition and decided to establish an online store exposing his skills in graphics design.

SS Fantasy started off with a basic laptop and about 20 design ideas. From there it has been sleepless nights, stressful orders and a build on brand loyalty. His aim was to offer creative and high-quality products and designs at reasonable prices.

Satish's family still do not know that he has developed this online store and they believe that he is studying accounting and finance. The day he reaches his 10,000th order is the day he will inform them of his business venture.



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